SAIGON IT SERVICES have over 10 years experience in delivering IMACD projects, so you can be confident we’ll take the pressure off your team and provide an efficient and effective service in our home country Viet Nam.

We also break/fix and on-demand IMACD  of IT equipment from piece parts to data center hardware components and send it for disposal or refurbishment.

Our team will work with you to fully understand the entire process, also identify the requirements and risks for the project to achieve client objectives.


New Configuration – provisioning new hardware, pre-configured with base installation of O/S system and core applications. This can include unpacking, commissioning and testing, handover,


Relocation – undertaking office moves within buildings and relocation to new premises

This includes disconnecting, boxes, transporting, and reconnecting devices


Addition of components such as drives, memory, or modules to existing devices


Modifying existing hardware configurations, updating installed software, adjusting existing software applications, deinstalling software no longer required and more.


Removal – as part of a refresh cycle or BAU activity, we can recover assets and handle all aspects of removal