Onsite Support

SAIGON IT SERVICES ‘s managed IT services extends its expertise to the field with onsite permanent, part-time or scheduled IT resources visits. Whether your existing IT project requires additional resources for related works, addressing an IT skills gap or to cover leave of absence. saigon it services it onsite

SAIGON IT SERVICES offer access to qualified from L1 level to L2 Level engineers for short and long term onsite deployments to assists you with all IT tasks that can not be done remotely. From day-to-day advice and troubleshooting to complex problem diagnosis and resolution,

SAIGON IT SERVICES employs a brilliant team of IT support professionals who are there to help no matter what the problem. From Windows 10 IT support to disaster recovery, our advanced support ticketing and 1-hour response time, mean that you can be sure that your ticket system will never let you down.

Our team works hand-in-hand with your Services Desk’s teams to resolve each requirement successfully with customer satisfaction.

Services Level Agreement

* 4 Hours respondes
* Same Business respondes
* Next Business respondes
* Scheduled tasks