With the main content of the article, today I will summarize the causes and how to fix the error of automatic reset computer and auto shutdown for you in the most detailed way.

We will find out why the computer is constantly starting automatically:

1. Check the Virus

Perhaps this is quite a common cause and many people get this error and cause the computer to restart constantly.

How to fix:

+ If the virus is already infected, proceed to scan for the entire system. If still be, you reinstall windows.

2. Hard drive (HDD) is bad Sector

The reason may be that your hard drive is stuck with Bad sectors. And you are working with a file that is in a partition with an error, the computer will automatically reset immediately.

How to check:

+ Option 1: Go to This PC (Computer) then right-click on the drive containing the operating system (usually drive C). Then switch to the Tools tab and click check to check the hard drive error.

+ Method 2: You use hard drive test software like CrystalDiskInfo “

3. Error Card display

Another reason for the computer to restart is because your video card is overloaded. Once overloaded, it will reset the computer.

How to fix:

Try disassembling the VGA card and test Onboard to check, if it still suffers, then we will continue.

4. problem with Ram

This is one of the reasons why computers automatically reset and shutdown very often. If your RAM is loose, when you receive it at no time, that is, poor contact, when we turn it on, it is very good to use, but after a while, automatically reset.

How to fix:

Use bleach to gently rub the contact leg of the device , then use the soft to clean the ram slot on the mainboard.

If you still cannot improve the situation, you continue to redirect the question to ….

5. Because the CMOS Battery has run out

How to handle: Try checking the CMOS battery again to see if the power is still on, if you have to replace the battery.

And the reason may be because your BIOS has been changed, please reset the BIOS defaults.

6. Due to low power, insufficient and flickering.

Unstable computer power is also one of the reasons that may cause your computer to restart or shut down continuously.

7. Computer temperature is too high

After a long time of use or if it hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, your thermal glue may have dried up, leading to a hot CHIP and causing the computer to automatically reset or shutdown. This is one of the most dangerous causes, which can cause your computer to hardware failure and chip failure (the device’s most valuable device).

How to fix:

Remove the machine to check and clean the fan.

Applying glue for chips, not familiar with this, you can take them to the store to clean them and apply the heat sink glue.

Attach the blower to the case to make your computer cooler.

Using the machine in cool places will help to reduce the temperature of the computer and also increase the lifespan of the accessories in the computer.

8. If it is a laptop, there are some reasons

8.1: Laptop PIN error

Perhaps PIN Laptop is the most common cause of the computer restarting constantly, 80% of errors come from the Battery.

Over time, your battery will gradually become bottled and “aging”, will no longer be as stable as it once was.

8.2: Adapter error

The cause may also be caused by the Adapter power source, please unplug the Adapter to use the power from the Battery. If there is no automatic phenomena Shutdown or restart, the cause is the Adapter. You replace the new Adapter 



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